BOOK: Before It’s Too Late: The Heritage Trust Personal, Financial and Estate Organizer

by Nicole Garton

In the event of your death or disability, your personal representatives and family members will require critical information about your estate plan, finances and key contacts. This book is designed to hold all of your personal, financial and estate information in one place to make administering your estate easier and less stressful for your loved ones. Your preparation and planning today will ensure that your wishes are followed and that your estate is settled in a cost-effective and efficient manner in the future.Available on AMAZON

BOOK: The Heritage Trust Estate Administration Boot Camp: A Complete Guide on How to Probate and Administer An Estate in British Columbia

by Nicole Garton

Everything You Need to Know about Effectively Administering a British Columbia Estate.

The Heritage Trust Estate Administration Boot Camp guide is a comprehensive and practical resource designed to assist an executor or administrator of a BC estate, from start to finish. From making funeral arrangements to the final distribution, this guide offers a detailed look at the responsibilities and potential liabilities associated with administering a BC estate, including:

  • Definitions of key concepts and terms
  • Initial responsibilities, including arranging the funeral and dealing with remains
  • How to prepare and apply for letters probate and letters of administration
  • How to prepare an inventory of assets and debts of the estate
  • Income tax basics
  • Estate accounting basics
  • Your role as trustee
  • Distribution of the estate
  • Compensation for the personal representatives
  • Estates of Indigenous People
  • And further resources available

This practical guide will be indispensable for executors and administrators in BC.

Available on AMAZON