Why Heritage Trust?

May 24, 2018

Why Heritage Trust?

1.  We ensure your wishes are carried out.

· We work with you and your professional advisors to design the right solution, customized for you.

· We plan for the worst and manage for the best.

· You will have peace of mind to know that your wishes will be carried out, correctly and effectively.

2. We are good at what we do.  

· We have significant knowledge, technical expertise and years of direct experience in estates, fiduciary duties, tax and family enterprise.

· We are established, skilled, experienced, highly respected professionals in our field.

3. We are noted experts in conflict prevention and resolution.

· We have many years of experience working with individuals, families and businesses undergoing transitions or experiencing conflict.

· We are skilled at managing complexity and successfully moving people and organizations through conflict to resolution. 

4.  We give back to the community through the Heritage Trust Foundation.

· Giving back to the community is a fundamental part of who we are.

· We devote significant resources and time to the North Shore Pro Bono Society, which provides free legal education and pro bono conflict resolution services to underserved  individuals in our community.